Eagle Pass…Your Only Choice!

Are you revved up and ready to go? Do you wake up smiling and singing? Then come on down! There's always something fun going on here.

If you want, we'll fill your days and nights with activity; but if quittin' time is more your mood, Eagle Pass is still the place to mosey into. Relax. Kick back. Stop and smell the cactus flowers (be careful of the thorns!).

If it's history you want, Eagle Pass has Fort Duncan where many of its Civil War era buildings still stand. For recreation, there are numerous tennis courts throughout the city, a 9-hole municipal golf course, and Maverick County Park offers picnic facilities and a small lake for your enjoyment. And for those looking for a bargain and unique gift items, there are plenty of stores to do some serious shopping...on both sides of the Rio Grande.

Top Five Reasons to "Shop Eagle Pass First"

  1. Shopping locally supports the community in which you live, work, and do business.
  2. Spending your dollars here generates more tax revenue for city and county services as well as infrastructure.
  3. Shopping locally saves you time AND money.
  4. Every dollar you spend in Eagle Pass helps generate more economic development opportunities.
  5. When you support local businesses, you help them grow, employ more, and better serve your needs.

...just some food for thought! Not ALL your needs will be met by our local businesses, but the great majority certainly will be.

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